Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loving Blue

I have always loved blue and white, for years I have collected antique ginger jars, fabrics, tablecloths and books all that share my passion for blue and white. My mix match plates are used daily, nothing is too precious to use as most of the pieces have been collected over time from antique stores, flea markets and my travels. The room above is a place I love to escape in, previously dark brown timber panels and moulding, dark floors to match the room screamed much needed natural light, so I decided this very room with its ornate ceilings had to be brought back to life, so over many long weekends of sanding and painting walls and floors (I have a whole new respect for painters) our room was complete. Next was the Dining room, we found a very old table for a bargain price and lovingly had it restored back to its former glory, our table that we thought seated ten had hidden sleeves, making our table now fit 16 people! I went completely out of my comfort zone and wall papered the entire room in a divine chinoiserie paper, the white ornate ceilings and glossy white floors added the perfect contrast. I mixed up the seating by custom making a frilled long bench ottoman and painting my Chippendale chairs a light blue.

Images: Verandah House Interiors

Friday, July 13, 2012

Simply Neutral

In a world of so much beautiful colour sometimes just the pure simplicity of very little colour creates the feeling of simplicity, calmness and a place of contentment.

Have a lovely weekend x

all images via my pinterest page