Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green and Blue

Clearly its no secret my passion for blue....mix it up with green and you have the most striking and stand out colour scheme just the way nature intended, the green mountains against the deep blue sea, birds, flowers, the skyline, architecture, or fill a vintage blue ginger jar with palm leaves! the more I look around this colour combo makes perfect sense to me.

Image sources: refer my pinterest page Verandah House

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Because

Just feels very me! 

This week at Verandah House we are off to the Sydney gift fair, its always an exciting time as we get to catch up with friends, buy lots of great new products and feel totally renewed and inspired, okay I may be getting carried away here, its not New York, India or Paris which is on our agenda, but all the same I often find some great new finds!

We are also on the look out for our new studio, I was super excited to find the perfect location, just what I was looking for only to find out in the recent floods it was completely covered in water to the roof, okay not such a great location after all...dont you hate when you get super excited about an idea and then bang its over!! I then found a fabulous old church and thought this could be amazing but then again it just felt too weird. I did hit the brakes of my car and had a near car accident when finding the most stunning old white building only to find the rent was in keeping with the exterior, way out of budget, the next attraction a stunning warehouse with old timber floors, timber beams and absolutely no car spaces or parking, do we need to park our cars? cant I take a cab? okay Im not thinknig clearly we do need clients to visit! 
I am discovering this exciting mission is not as easy as I hoped the ugly facades of commercial buildings are a mass compared to the unique character I would love to find, clearly I need a reality check or a big fat cheque book, anyway happy hunting we go!

Have a great week x