Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chloe's 21st Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated our daughter Chloe's 21st birthday at home, it was a mad dash to get our house renovation complete, we didnt quite make it but we are nearly there! Chloe wanted a black and white theme and whilst the party was intimate with just family and close friends we had the most amazing time. I seriously danced my feet off, the best part of having a party at your home was that I could take off my killer heels (shoes on left mine, right Chloe's) and for a laugh put my slippers on, okay it was after alot of champagnes but the girls were fighting me for them!!

1: My son Nick and my dad (he is a very cheeky man)
2: Chloe the birthday girl with her dad
3: Jess and Me
4: Our shoes, ouch!!!
5: My four girls, Lexi on left, Lily to the front.
6: My niece Maddie on left, my sister Anita, me, Jess
7: The girls fooling around!

As a family it has been a tough few years, we especially missed our son Nathan and it was particularly hard for Chloe not having her brother there to celebrate her special day, I did notice a bright shining star looking down on us and I knew in my heart he was there for her, I am truly blessed to have such a close family and its moments like this we will always treasure x


  1. Best wishes to Chloe. The outfits all look amazing but I love the smiles even more. Congrats, Fiona

  2. You all look fabulous, glad it was a great party.

  3. gorgeous gorgeous family xxxx love you all

  4. Looks like a great party! Very stylish!

    Melissah from Coastal Style