Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Market Day

Every Saturday morning Paul and I head to Rocklea markets to buy our weekly fresh produce. Whilst getting up at 6.30am is not easy, we never regret our weekly ritual. When we arrive its straight to the black sheep coffee stand because I simply cannot start the day without a good cup of coffee. This barn style cafe bar oozes rustic style with its empty milk bottles filled with fresh flowers, it really makes such a lovely atmosphere. I always get there early because the best flowers are snapped up quickly, this is by far the best part of market shopping. How can I resist tulips at $8 a bunch? This week I purchased some topiary bushes for my pots and I'm yet to work out where I can grow bougainvillaea, how I love these lush vibrant flowers. We then stocked up on fresh vegetables for winter soups and casseroles, lots of fresh fruits and herbs. I tried very hard to walk past the Noosa Chocolate Factory stand, but decided to take a photo instead! The baker then told me to hang on so he could build me a tower of rocky road; how could I not support him!? The girls were very happy! We have a large family so apart from saving a fortune and buying farm fresh food, we also enjoy our weekly banter with the regulars and that rare time its just me and my man.


  1. What a delightful blog you have, I came across it through Brabourne Farm. Just off to look at your interiors on the side bar now.

    Lee ☺

  2. Oh how I wish I could hit that market with you, and the 6.30 am departure time seem to be worth it!!
    I love "my" farmers market just as much, and I am always amazed when I walk away with a huge bag of fresh veggies for a fraction of the cost of what a grocery run would have yielded....

    Excuse my ignorance... what is in those black bags with the white sheep? Does not look familiar to me (I'm in Florida), but very clever branding!

  3. Hi Nat, we would have fun!!! its black sheep coffee beans, they make the best coffee ever xx

  4. We must pass each other on Saturday mornings, Judy. I have the same ritual :-)