Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Week

I must say I am really loving my blog again! I have missed chatting about my weekly happenings and sharing our design world and experiences with you. 

Today I thought I would share some more photos of our showroom, we opted for a classic yet edgy look that works in both a traditional and modern interior. We wanted to show Brisbane an entirely different look, our design philosophy is classic timeless looks that are edgy and fashion forward yet liveable and practical. 

I love working with colour but I am even more drawn to the classic beauty of neutrals with plenty of texture and interest, more on that over the coming weeks. Currently we are working on some exciting projects: a boutique guest house, a large coastal home, another fabulous beach house property and to top it off two lovely clients whose children have moved on and its now time for the parents to spoil themselves and make the family home more of a grown up place for adults. 

We are also working on a new build which is always fun and my favourite type of project as I get to be involved in the entire building and design process, there is nothing more rewarding than that final installation day! 

So my blog is going to more about our design process and happenings at Verandah House, we can't wait to share more with you soon.

Judy xx


  1. I can not wait to see what all you are doing. I love your design aesthetics.

  2. I love your blog soo much and can't wait to see what you are doing. I always get excited when you have a new post-always beautiful and I get so much inspiration xx

  3. Judy - it looks magnificent, you have such flair, talent and style! Love your beautiful colour schemes, and all those stunning items. As you say you offer something unique in Brisbane and in fact Australia. Good luck with the new showroom, I can't wait to be tantalised regularly with updates from the showroom and your current projects. I've missed seeing your inspiring and chic spaces.

  4. Oh my, this is sbsolutely stunning! These photos made my heart beat faster. Love it!