Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today between appointments I called in to one of my favourite shops and as always we got into a long chat about the beautiful city of Marrakech, the one place that sits number one on my bucket list. The very idea of exploring the architecture to witness a city so beautiful in colour, design and culture, to explore the markets would be for me the most amazing experience.

I stumbled upon this amazing resort Mamounia and with the music and images I was totally captivated, so this week I have decided to post all my Moroccan loves in fabrics, funiture and homewares.


  1. It's number one on my travel list too!
    You've got me dreaming for the day! Jx

  2. Oh Fabulous, I'll be looking forwards to your posts1

    sar x

  3. I just found your blog. I went to Marrakesh last year and ate at the hotel Mamounia in the Italian restaurant (pictured in the first pic I believe). It was great and so beautiful. We stayed at the Noire d'Ivoire which is amazing.