Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White House Love

I'm back minus my blog header and not even really sure how or why. It goes like this my entire blog images were completely blocked by blogger, I had to delete over two years of blog posts to remove all the black images which once were my daily posts. I am a dinosaur when it comes to computers so this really challenged my ability. Did you know that blogger can completely block all your images for absolutely no reason at all, it takes only one person to make a complaint and bang you are completely deleted without explanation!!! now the fun part is trying to get answers, google/blogger have forums you post on, we posted ten requests and received only one response from another blogger.

I would hate to think this was deliberately done by another blogger as my only response was that someone may have seen an image I did not credit and reported it to blogger, well lesson learnt however a simple email or comment may have been a nicer approach. On the good side it was a great way to clean up my blog and so here I am back on my blog and looking forward to sharing lots of posts with you. Thank you for all the emails I received over the last week it was really touching to have so many people say how much they loved and missed my blog.

While I was away from my blog I had time to source lots of beautiful images and this devine house is one of them. Home to designer Robert Couturier and Jeffrey Morgan, this Neo Classical home is featured in Annie Kelly's, Litchfield style, a book now definitely on my wish list. The gardens are amazing!


  1. I hope your blogger issues are fixed asap! I've been thinking about changing to wordpress rather than blogger, because blogger owns your blog and can do anything to it at anytime. It seems wordpress = complete independent ownership of your own blog. Anyho, I love your blog and the gorgeous images you provide :)

  2. Good to see you back up and running. This is so scary. I can't believe that this could happen. All that work and years worth of posts gone in a flash. I think this might be an omen - I need to back up my blog!!

  3. Glad you are back.I live in a white house and couldn't agree more,it always feels fresh

  4. Hi Judy oh my what a horrid experience! On a brighter note how STUNNING is that gorgeous house!!!! We reviewed Annie's Litchfield Style last year in the magazine and it is so gorgeous! What a clever husband and wife duo! Definitely one to keep in the files so formal so elegant! Welcome back.


    M & E

  5. How frustrating. I haven't had this problem but I did have an issue last week when I tried to post photos and blogger wouldn't let me upload as it said my Picassa album was full and I had to pay to be able to access more space for photos. This seems weird that you can have a limit on a blog, when it's all basically about photos - I haven't tried again since as I've been away dealing with family drama, but will be back again this week. Hope you get to the bottom of it. I have had to go through those painful forums to get answers on problems so many times, it drives me nuts that you can't get a straight answer from blogger about these things.

  6. This is really a big issue and terrible situation as well. Blogs can really help each other to share many important ideas. Hope to get good result for your blog.

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