Monday, October 19, 2015

Kitchen Shelf Inspiration

On the blog this week I thought I would talk kitchens, today my favourite topic of the moment is open shelving! Okay. I am the first to admit when thinking about this concept we think dust and lots of maintenance! or you could think of it in a different way, I see it as a place to store my everyday items that I use all the time, I'm not one to keep things preciously stored in cupboards I like to use all my crockery and that way they get washed regularly reducing the dust. I love the homely look it creates within the kitchen.

Please note my husband is like a bull in the kitchen, and he is still learning the art of placing plates down gently and putting them back in the right position, slowly he is catching on!

To create this look effectively here are some our tips!

1. Blue crockery looks great with white or green but as a general rule try to keep to the same tone of crockery, be artful in placing them but keep its relaxed and informal, mix up the shapes and sizes, keep it interesting.

2. Since open shelving allows the eye to pass all the way to the wall, its a great way to play up pattern and interest. We love using handprinted tiles all the all time classic favourite the subway, think subtle colour and be creative with the subway, consider changing up the patterns.

3. If too may open shelves seems daunting try using them only in a small area of the kitchen, I particular love using open shelves in butlers pantry's its functional and look great too!

4. Play up your creative skills and use artwork, cookbooks or perhaps a collection of vases to keep it fun and interesting.

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Image Credits: 1. Luxe Magazine 2. House Beautiful 3. Pinterest 4. House Beautiful 5. Elle Decor. 6. Windsor Smith Home 7. One Kings Lane


  1. Love open shelves in kitchen's - so homely and adds a nice personal touch!

    1. We agree Gabrielle, thank you for leaving a comment :)

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