Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Earthy Delights

In a world of interiors where colour is the new normal I cant help feeling that neutrals are perhaps perceived as passe, yet more and more I'm drawn to the beauty of neutral interiors in may forms such as; patterned tiles, ceramics, wood, rattan, antiques, gold or silver, one off objects collected on your travels, raw, refined, story telling and interesting. I could write a book about why I love neutrals equally as much as I love colour but I suppose that what makes the world of interiors just so interesting!

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  1. I love the serene and relaxing ambiance neutrals bring in a home.
    Thanks for the lovely images.

  2. Love every one of these images, I can almost feel a warm spring breeze blowing through while I was looking at them:)

  3. wonderful blog! I love it!

  4. Happy New Year Judy... it sounds like a great one coming up... xv

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