Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Beginnings 2013

I ended the last day of the New Year swimming in the ocean, which had me thinking I really need to swim in the ocean a whole lot more in 2013 I am totally at peace in the sea, still in holiday mode it gave me a chance to think of all that happened both personally and professionally, some with regret and plenty of frustration, reflecting and sole searching and plans for new beginnings. Personally I said goodbye to some friendships that was long overdue and in the process found new life long friendships.I have wanted to make some serious life changes and now in 2013 Im ready to put them in to action, the timing is right! Fitness and health was my priority and once again it took a back seat to family pressures and work, so this year I'm making it more about me and putting my health and well being as my top priority, setting small achievable goals, more pampering, a new look wardrobe, lets call it a life -work-me balance. One of the big changes in my life is that all my children all five of them have fled or plan to set up there own homes, leaving only the three musketeers, now that is a lifestyle change!

Professionally this year I returned back to decorating after a two year restriction of trade due to selling my business, I knew it would not be easy but with a lot of hard work and determination, to lay low and focus, my year turned out to be busier than my wildest expectations, to be able to give creatively every day is a true blessing and I cant imagine ever doing anything else! I love what I do! This year I made friends with some amazing Brisbane decorators who I admire greatly, I cant wait to spend more time with you next year.

So whats install for 2013! well my most exciting news is that my beautiful, talented daughter Jess will be joining the team at Verandah House as a qualified Interior Designer, it was a hard year of commitment and determination, lots of tears, late nights but now its over we get to embark on an exciting new chapter of our lives. I am keeping my business goals under wraps for now but what I can say is that its going to be a great year for Verandah House that is for sure and I cant wait to get started.

My New years Resolutions for 2013

1.To feel amazing both inside and out!

2. To make my move and follow my dream

3. A road trip to America followed by a stop over in Hawaii

4. More time outdoors, riding my vintage bike, swimming in the ocean, tennis and yoga.

5. To cook more and to try lots of new recipes

6. Bali for a holiday and to meet Balinese spiritual guru Ketut Liyer ( Eat, Pray, Love)

7. Several years ago my husband bought me in Paris my LV diary and every year I buy my refills only to never really use it, so this year I'm going to get super organised or get Jess to organise me :) she is good at that anyway whatever works I plan to use it!

8. Learn to meditate from a monk, I did try that last year and when the lovely monk told me to relax my mind and humm some lingo, I got so confused that I sat there for ten minutes trying to work out the correct sequence only to feel like my brain was going to explode, it was the longest ten min of my life, this lovely monk just giggled non stop, and smiled to herself like she had this secret formula for happiness or perhaps she was looking at me thinking "Oh dear she really needs to calm that brain"

9. More date nights or days with my hubby, we are really good at that!

10. I love working hard and I believe success is a result of hard work, but I hope I always remain humble and kind to others.

11. Take a Chance! two years ago I took a chance and leap of faith and manufactured and designed a range of rattan furniture, not long after the launch we lost our son in a tragic car accident, with that it took away my self belief so I walked away, my collection featured on the cover of magazines and is featured regularly in magazines and retail stores, it made me realise we never fail at anything, its merely a stepping stone to greater success and dreams, to learn from your mistakes and to be a better person both in business and personally, that year I learnt a lot about people and myself, I realised that whilst there are critics passing judgement, I took a chance and whilst I may not have made all the right choices, I have learnt from them and to be honest I can do no more than that, I dont think I ever will stop taking a chance!

12. Well this is one of those half hearted resolutions, to cut back on the amount of wine I drink, I need to stop at one glass and to have wine free days, so its not to cut it out because I WONT stick to that, but one glass a few nights through the week, a few nights no wine and the weekends I cant promise but I'm mindful.

13. Set realistic achievable goals and revisit them monthly to stay on track. I plan to do that by putting my goals on my desk top, ipad and diary. If I can achieve half my goals I'm happy :)

14. Travel, travel, travel nothing more to say!

15. Last but not least to have fun, to follow my dreams, to believe in myself and to live life in the best way I can!


  1. I really like each and every one of your resolutions. So many of them fit for me and ispire me. We share a common love of blue and I so hope one day we might meet. Warmest wishes to you for a fabulous 2013. Fiona

  2. Thank you Fiona I hope we meet one day too, Happy New Year :)

  3. What a lovely post, Happy new year.x

  4. Great post Judy, all the very best for 2013 Sandy x

  5. Judy I love this post; you have inspired me to take on several of your New Beginnings and will put them to use!

    All the best in The New Year ahead!

    Art by Karena

  6. Wonderful thoughts, but isn't it a bit too much of resolutions? You can't become calm when you run after 15 goals. To achieve only 3 of them is a great step in life. Best wishes
    and be happy.

  7. Hi Mumbai,

    Very true if I achieve a few of them I will be happy :)