Saturday, January 26, 2013


Is greige such a word? Its beige and grey combined so it sounds right! I did go through a stage when linen and french reproduction furniture was starting to be so mass produced that I took a run for it, when you start to go to trade events in Australia and see endless rows of the same thing its so easy as a designer to swear away from it for life but I must say its now been re-invented (Im not talking the same french style) in a more classic organic and rustic way, personally I love a man in a grey suit, hand painted grey and white tiles, silver finishes, grey walls with lots of white contrast and I'm absolutely obsessed at the moment with grey aged linens with tints of powder blues washed out to give texture and and an almost serene feel. To me colour is all about expression, its how you put a look together to create an ambience of stylish looks, timeless interiors and well travelled pieces.


  1. Go over to see our wonderful friend, Christina @ Greige blogspot. You will see some of the most amazing design work ever. Love how you described your impressions of the "it" look. xx's

  2. Dont' know if its an actual word but I do know I love the color!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments you leave here xx

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