Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Silver Finds

On my search for contemporary furniture for a project I'm working on, I stumbled upon this fabulous chair from Jonathan Adler, devine marble mosaics for the bathroom and silver lighting that would be perfect for my client's home.

I love touches of modern in a classic home, its all about mixing it up so it's not too matchy, the same goes for a contemporary home, you sometimes need to add that classic piece to get the look interesting and not too contrived.

All images: Johnathan Adler, Restoration Hardware and my pinterest page

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today between appointments I called in to one of my favourite shops and as always we got into a long chat about the beautiful city of Marrakech, the one place that sits number one on my bucket list. The very idea of exploring the architecture to witness a city so beautiful in colour, design and culture, to explore the markets would be for me the most amazing experience.

I stumbled upon this amazing resort Mamounia and with the music and images I was totally captivated, so this week I have decided to post all my Moroccan loves in fabrics, funiture and homewares.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Glamour Bathroom

Over the weekend we continued our bathroom renovation, we painted it the softest of blue, with lots of white trim, the taps have been purchased, the glass towel rails that I actually carried home in my luggage from Restoration Hardware in America will finally be installed. I'm on the hunt for two mirrors but we have the most amazing light fitting. I cant believe in Australia how expensive our tapware and accessories are not to mention our lack of choice, its really dumb-founds me how hard it is to source something nice. I would get the accessories sent but unfortunately I dont have enough time, so for now I need to just drool over the beautiful pieces that can be sourced through Restoration Hardware.

When decorating a classic style bathroom I love collecting beautiful glass jars to fill with soaps, bath salts and candles that sit near the bath on a side table, adding the luxury of a velvet or satin ottoman, wallpaper, timber wall panelling and if possible a chandelier to add the glamour.

Images 1. pinterest 2. Oly furniture 3-4 VH 5. French an English all others; Restoration hardware

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Classic furniture

When I select or custom make furniture for my clients I tend to lean towards a more classic design with an edge, the sofa above is one of my favourite designs, I have custom changed it to a straight back, added slip covers and I often paint the timber legs white with chrome feet. I then love to add two completely different design chairs and its often the chair that I add pattern fabrics. Adding ottomans as additional seating can be functional and also a great way to add interest to the room. The images above are from the latest Thibaut fine furniture collection.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indigo Blue's

I'm adding the final touches to my home and many of the fabrics I selected months ago are now appearing in all the latest magazines globally so its nice to know I'm not alone in loving blue and white, my house is my home and a place for all the things I love so naturally for me I do have alot of blue and white and to be honest I think I always will, I'm totally obsessed!

Image source: Country living Magazine

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White House Love

I'm back minus my blog header and not even really sure how or why. It goes like this my entire blog images were completely blocked by blogger, I had to delete over two years of blog posts to remove all the black images which once were my daily posts. I am a dinosaur when it comes to computers so this really challenged my ability. Did you know that blogger can completely block all your images for absolutely no reason at all, it takes only one person to make a complaint and bang you are completely deleted without explanation!!! now the fun part is trying to get answers, google/blogger have forums you post on, we posted ten requests and received only one response from another blogger.

I would hate to think this was deliberately done by another blogger as my only response was that someone may have seen an image I did not credit and reported it to blogger, well lesson learnt however a simple email or comment may have been a nicer approach. On the good side it was a great way to clean up my blog and so here I am back on my blog and looking forward to sharing lots of posts with you. Thank you for all the emails I received over the last week it was really touching to have so many people say how much they loved and missed my blog.

While I was away from my blog I had time to source lots of beautiful images and this devine house is one of them. Home to designer Robert Couturier and Jeffrey Morgan, this Neo Classical home is featured in Annie Kelly's, Litchfield style, a book now definitely on my wish list. The gardens are amazing!