Saturday, November 16, 2013

Island Fever

I absolutely fell in love with the home of Rebecca de Ravenel featured in Vogue. Her flat in New York is super stylish and shows her great taste and style. Her time spent in the Bahamas and Paris is evident with all her vintage finds and collectables that adorn her home.

Blue and white is so timeless and I love how she has mixed it up with browns and earthy tones too creating a relaxed but super stylish look to her home! 

I cant finish this post without a mention of her stunning bedroom, I have just ordered similar wallpaper for my bedroom and now I'm on a mission to find this canopy its amazing!!

After such a busy week I'm happy to be lounging around at home doing very little, laptop in position, wine in hand and enjoying doing absolutely nothing but indulging in me time, I hope your having a great day too xx