Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creamy Whites

A casual Sunday for me is the prefect time to relax, its often my day that I spend the morning with my family and then allow some creative time for myself, to blog, pin away or just to read the latest magazines. Lately I have been drawn to simplicity, warmth, texture and whites, aged metals and woods, brick, sea grass matting, greys and earthy tones, I dont see dull or boring I see the complete opposite, it gives me total clarity! 

All images via my pinterest page with the direct source

Monday, November 5, 2012

Indigo Blue

It has been quiet a while since my last blog post, I think every post I have made lately has been about my busy work load, well nothing has changed its just stepped up with the pre xmas rush, I cant believe it only 6 weeks away, normally I would have present shopping already happening, my colour scheme planned and I would be eager to blog about Christmas but worried I might be to premature to mention it so soon, well this year its not planned at all so i'm going blog hunting for some much needed inspiration!

One of my projects next year is another beach house, it comes as no surprise that i'm thinking lots of white, worn timbers, natural coloured rattan, rustic oak floors, linens, denims, batik fabrics and touches of vintage china blues, I will never get bored with blue!

All the images above are from the new Ralph Lauren collection, you can imagine my excitement, eye candy thats for sure!