Saturday, February 8, 2014

Exploring Sydney

February is a really busy time in the Australian design industry with both Design & Decoration and the gift fair only a week apart both events based in Sydney. We found some amazing pieces that we snapped up and spent days scouring antique stores finding one off finds. We also made sure we had time to play and I couldn't resist visiting the much talked about Boathouse cafe in Balmoral Beach. I cant begin to tell you how much Jess and I loved this place, the casual ambience was full of glorious details, bowls of fruit displayed everywhere cleverly mixing artificial fruits with the real thing. I loved how they used the base of pot plant holders as platters on old wooden benches, flowers were everywhere. The food, well don't get me started, the hard part was what to choose, the menu had us both drooling and it didn't disappoint! The cafe placed perfectly overlooking the bay was only made more appealing by the beautiful weather.

We were having such a great day that we decided dinner would have to be at the newly refurbished Watson's Bay Beach club (last two images above) the apple green bar piled high with coconuts and pineapples overlooking Watson Bay had me wondering could a city be more beautiful.

I have walked away refreshed and inspired but now need to make up for lost time and work all weekend to catch up, tomorrow I'm off to the country, 4 hours aways from Brisbane to work on a restaurant, motel, shop and new home build. To say it will be a challenge is an understatement of the year its the complete opposite to the new glamorous homes Im currently working on but for me its all about the challenge and I love something different....I think! The down side I have no private plane or helicopter just a long country drive that my client pointed out after I accepted the watch out for the large kangaroos that can jump in front of your car, okay now I'm terrified!

Jess has convinced me she needs to stay in the office, she said we are just way too busy for both of us to go, convenient Jess I'm on to you! Thankfully I have convinced my husband to drive me I was not doing this alone!

All images taken from the Boathouse website, to see my snaps check out my instragram page Verandah House