Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Collective Interior

Lately I have been reading several inspirational books which I would love to share with you over the coming weeks. One particular chapter hit a chord with me about being true to one-self and living an honest life. I had to really think about this and realised how true that is in my life as a designer. 

When I look back at all the styles that have been popular over the decades, I can sit and laugh and be guilty to have fallen victim to many of these trends and to be honest I have absolutely no regret, they have defined me to who I am today.

What I have learnt from experience is every trend has its place so long as you don't loose your own authentic sense of style in the process. Several years I questioned my style, was I playing it too safe?Was I being original enough? Lots of self doubt crept in, I was a victim to my own self doubt, I lost my way and I still shudder when I think of that time.

Over a year and a half later the doors of Verandah House opened and my talented daughter Jess joined me in our new design venture; we promised ourselves that we would be respectful of trends but not be lead by them. We would be true to our design aesthetic of classic, timeless interiors and to be respectful to follow our clients dreams and desires within their home.

One of my greatest lessons was originality: Being original is to make it your own, be true to your own style, own it! I believe originality is in the special objects we place around our home, pieces that you have collected, that have a past, that mean something to you and your family. We recently completed this entry, I love that so many of the pieces have their own story, the collected art on the wall is a mix of new and very old pieces which evokes a conversation and takes you back to another era. The dark seagrass walls add depth to the room and creates the perfect backdrop for the artwork. Greenery from the garden adds a homely touch and candles can be added for ambience at night.

We are lucky to be exposed to so many looks and styles...appreciate all of them and decide what is the look that speaks to you and live the very best life you can!


  1. Do you mind sharing the seagrass / grasscloth designer and color? I'd love to get a sample! If you wouldn't mind emailing me at whitney.c.otto@gmail.com I'd so appreciate it!!