Monday, April 18, 2016

Farmhouse Living

It's been so long since our last blog post - all good intentions aside, life just gets frantically busy juggling all our new design builds, interior projects, moving showrooms and working tirelessly on a very exciting online program. Did I mention being a single mother too?! It's a constant juggling act but more on that soon.

For me it has been a long time dream to one day build a modern day barn in the country, the dream hasn't happened as fast as I'd hoped for though. With a business growing faster than we can keep up with, new ideas continually popping into my head & an eleven-year-old daughter who loves her school and gives me dagger looks at any prospect of moving! So for now its just dreams that I would love to share with you on the blog today.

So what would my barn look like? The structure would be quite simple but I would have an iron roof, large black raw iron windows, timber cladding in white of course, is there any other colour?

The barn would have the ability to be extended to add a walkway of glass or perhaps large extending barn doors, this wouldn't be just any walkway, it would be a large opening that would allow me to entertain outdoors but should the weather not permit, could easily be closed to a cosy space full of atmosphere. The joining of the barns would allow my budget to further extend at a later date. My tip when designing any home is to always think of the bigger picture from the onset.

Internally I visualise old recycled oak floors, exposed rustic beams, raked ceiling and shiplap clad walls. The kitchen would be a mix of timber and white, open shelving and a large walk-in pantry filled with vintage jars and rattan baskets.

The furnishings would be neutral and rustic so I could easily change up the colours with cushions and accessories as my mood changed with the seasons. A stone clad fireplace, books and beautiful artwork would be an important element in my home.

No farmhouse/barn would be complete without a large oak tree with a large table & iron chairs, delicious food, family, friends & laughter. A wine cellar to keep the good times rolling...and of course the herb garden to season the food & a designer chicken coop for our fresh eggs. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Images sources: via Verandah House Instagram and pinterest for all source credits.


  1. Beautiful! A classy farmhouse 😉

  2. Your dream home sounds like perfection. Your ability to envision and put it into words is delightful - I was right there with you as you described your future home! And of course it would be white with black steel windows. No question!
    Natasha Kalita Design

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